Another adventure begins

The countdown has begun, DK, Jim, Babs and I fly to Nepal, from London Heathrow, on 17th February. I’ve planned for a 6 month stay, the busiest few months of the beekeeping season… Continue reading

Beekeeping with Apis cerana in Nepal

This post was originally written as an article for the Kathmandu Times and I have included it in the ABOBA Booklet. The article is aimed at potential Beekeepers, to encourage them to keep… Continue reading

I’ve had an idea!

28th December 2015 “THE ARUN BARUN ORGANIC BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION (ABOBA) Aims and objectives” and “Let Us Cultivate” Notes on the leaflets: I have written fourteen leaflets on Different aspects of Beekeeping in rural… Continue reading

After the Earth Quakes

Blog 20/5/2015 Any member of the Dartford Nepalese Society reading this, before your charity dinner on Saturday 23rd, Namaste, please pass my fond regards to all my good friends in the Dartford Nepalese… Continue reading

Management of A. cerana

Transfer from a Log hive to a Top Bar hive The beekeeper should aim to time this operation for the middle of the build-up flow, mid-February, when the population is not at its… Continue reading

Bees at last

Since my last blog I’ve obtained bees, but instead of the three or four I was expecting, only one colony was available to us. This morning at 0500 we set off, Khansa, Raman… Continue reading

Installing Bees

The project is going well, things are going more or less to plan, but I’m getting nervous! I get 4 colonies of bees this month. I have no experience of keeping this species… Continue reading

How to build a Horizontal Frameless hive.

How to build a Top  Click on this link to download this blog as a word document How to build a Horizontal Frameless hive. This design was originated by PJChandler in his e-book… Continue reading

Itahari, Dada Pangma and Manebhangjyang

Travelled from Pokhara to KMD on the 12th October. Did a fair bit of Bee related reading on the bus. Kaman Singh was waiting for me at Kalinki Chowk in KMD, but it… Continue reading

POKHARA addendum

I’m still not completely au fait with operating the editing suite on my Blog site and the following was not posted as I had intended it, with the POKHARA blog. Ajay took me… Continue reading