Another adventure begins

The countdown has begun, DK, Jim, Babs and I fly to Nepal, from London Heathrow, on 17th February. I’ve planned for a 6 month stay, the busiest few months of the beekeeping season and I’ve been a bit optimistic in what I want to do in that period, so I’ve set myself a series of achievable steps which lead to my goal and I’ll be counting each step as a success with the associated bragging rights.

Having decided to make my notes on beekeeping in Nepal available to any Nepalese beekeepers who asked for them my options were; print the booklet off, on demand; make the booklet available for download from Facebook or my Blog, or to record the data on a disc or flash-drive (I call them memory sticks). A couple of months ago I spotted a way of distributing the ABOBA booklet on an Internet ad for a company called Flashbay. As their name suggests, they supply flash-drives with the customers data stored on them and the customers logo and address printed on it’s casing. I decided that printing would be a bit of a clumsy procedure if I had to do it myself and that although computers are available to most people, in Cyber Cafes, that downloading from the, rather intermittent, Internet would be tedious for people. So I’ve gone for the Flashbay deal and you can see a photo of a pack of 50 below.  Most villages should be able to make do with 1 or 2 drives shared between their beekeepers and we’ll make an “ABOBA-stick” available to each member of ABOBA. There’ll be more leaflets, maybe from a variety of authors in the future and they can be loaded onto the drives as and when, to expand the booklet.


The pack of ABOBA flash-drives with our Facebook group name on the back and ABOBA’s logo on the front

I’ve started a Facebook Group called “ABOBA Beekeepers of Nepal”. So far I’ve made a couple of posts on it, one proposing the idea behind the group, outlining it’s aims and the other an uploaded document stating the “Aims and Objectives of the Arun Barun Organic Beekeepers Association.”

My first ‘step‘ will be to discuss and debate with Kaman and then for us to publicise our ideas. I think the name ABOBA is catchy and it lends itself to a memorable logo, the idea for the name of our association was Kaman’s, although only recently has the formal proposal for ABOBA’s aims and objectives been prepared and published, (on the ABOBA-stick). I’ll be counting 8 or 9 members recruited into ABOBA within a month as a success.